People Teaching People (PTP) has been developed by Community Living Algoma with their community partners the Sexual Assault Care Centre of the Sault Area Hospital, and the Algoma Health Unit; and was modeled after the "Peers Educating Peers" program.
People Teaching People is a fun, interactive program, which focuses on healthy relationship learning for people with developmental disabilities. Issues regarding healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviours in relationships are demonstrated through peer interaction. Participants are able to ask and answer questions, try role playing and interact in social situations throughout the presentation.
The programs goals are:

  • To develop and/or strengthen awareness of personal safety issues relating to daily relationships and interactions with community members
  • To recognize and understand healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviours in relationships
  • To develop social skills through role play participation
  • To improve social skills and confidence through practicing and observing healthy responses in a safe environment
  • To recognize/identify unsafe relationships
  • To understand what to do if placed in an unhealthy or abusive situation
  • To promote socially acceptable interactions, which can prevent perpetration as well as victimization
  • To promote a better understanding of personal safety and identification of unsafe relationships.

In the People Teaching People Program Manual you are provided with the information you need to host your own PTP program. The manual includes the information and illustrations needed to develop your own posters and game pieces and it outlines:

  • The role and skills of the Coordinator
  • How to recruit and the role of the peer facilitator. A separate "Training Manual for Peer Facilitators" is supplied.
  • The PTP "Values"
  • The "Have Fun" Rules
  • The instructions for two ice breakers "Fruit Salad" and "Stand up - Sit Down"
  • The Instructions for the "Healthy, Unhealthy and Abusive" Activity In this activity the group identifies different behaviours, discusses the different types of relationships, identifies how each affects you as a person, and what to do if in an unhealthy/abusive relationship, etc.
  • The "True/False" game which includes opportunities for participants to answer questions, do role plays, and name healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviours.
  • A sample Participation Certificate and a People Teaching People Values & Emergency Contact Card are included.

If preferred Community Living Algoma will make up game packages for a cost. It is recommended when hosting a People Teaching People Program that the groups be no larger than 20 people and that they should be people who have chosen to participate. Between 1 to 2 hours are required to complete the People Teaching People program. In addition to the Coordinator it is suggested that 1 - 2 other facilitators (staff) be there to assist as well as 1 - 2 peer facilitators. This program is also recommended for use in less structured environments such as group homes, day programs, etc.

The Training Manual for Peer Facilitators outlines the complete training program used to provide the basic information needed and develop the necessary skills for individuals with developmental disabilities to become peer facilitators. This is a four part program and the manual guides you through what to cover in each of the four sessions. As the peer facilitators are integral to the People Teaching People Program, it is recommend that 3-5 facilitators (both male and female) be trained to ensure coverage for each session in case of illness, other commitments, and the possibility of people withdrawing from the position.

Available from:

Community Living Algoma
421 Bay Street, Suite 301
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6A 1X3
Telephone: (705) 253-1700
Fax: (705) 253-1777

Contact: Dina Guido

Description of Resource: Program Manual: 19 pages (needs binder) Peer Facilitator Training Manual: 10 pages (needs binder) People Teaching People Game Package: very simply produced posters and game pieces.

Approximate Costs: Program and Peer Facilitator Training Manuals: free except for return postage. People Teaching People Game: $60.00 (Canadian)